Moonlight Farm
Contact: Shayna and Matthew Kyle
Address: 640 Martini Lane Columbia Falls, MT, 59912
Phone: 406-499-0188
About Us
We are a small, family-owned-and-operated vegetable farm near the mouth of Bad Rock Canyon in Columbia Falls. We farm 1/8 of an acre within our 5 acre property. The topsoil is generally shallow and rocky, and sits above alluvial deposits. The majority of our crops are grown in raised beds.
We discovered our love for growing food through landscaping. We went from planting trees and ornamentals on the property with a tiny supplementary vegetable garden, to building a 50x75 kitchen garden, to the full fledged market farm and greenhouse we have today.
The main tenets of our business philosophy are growing nutrient-dense, delicious vegetables, improving soil and environment health, and building/maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful farm.

Matthew is a full-time carpenter with an ingrained love for building and creation. Shayna is a yoga instructor and a new mother with a talent for nurturing and a deep love for nature. They both grew up in Seeley Lake, MT.
*All organic practices

*No pesticides or herbicides, period

*Minimal tillage

*Compost and cover crop-based fertility

*Raised beds

*Aesthetic consideration (making the farm as beautiful as possible)