Three P’s Farm
Contact: Florence Parsley
Address: 1992 K M Ranch Rd. Whitefish, MT, 59937
Phone: 813-786-4119
About Us
Women- owned and operated, Three P's Farm is a small half acre of diversified vegetables located just outside of Whitefish. We strive to grow nutrient dense produce for our community by focussing on soil health. We believe that everyone should have access to fresh, local produce, therefore all our produce is picked and sent out in a timely fashion, staying within the valley. You can find us at Whitefish Farmer's Market, North Valley Food Bank and various restaurants through Wicked Good Produce.
We follow organic and regenerative practices. Our goal is to keep the soil covered by mulching and cover cropping, minimize soil disruption through minimal tillage, and always give back nutrients and fertility to the soil with amendments, compost and cover crops.