Dog Creek Greenhouse
Contact: Brett Svetlik
Address: 8775 US Highway 93 North Olney, MT, 59927
Email Address:
Phone: 140-881-2071
About Us
We maintain a 18' x 60' greenhouse on our property just north of Olney, MT. We focus on soilless hydroponic systems. We are able to extend our growing season from early March through mid October. We started the greenhouse to offer fresh, locally grown ingredients for our menu at our restaurant, but in the slow seasons, we donate to the Food Bank as well as giving to employees and friends for personal use. What started as a hobby has grown into a lot of edible foods that are worth sharing.
We use natural liquid based plant foods and add to our different bucket and pipe systems which circulate water and nutrient, giving our plants optimal growing conditions. We control pests by hand squashing and the addition of beneficial insects like ladybugs. We sometimes will use a soap and water mixture to help control outbreaks, but cycle our plants quick enough to prevent long duration pests. With the addition of circulating air, temperature control and a little extra hands on care, we can keep things simple and fresh for the consumer. Please note, our hydroponic systems create beautiful and tasty greens, but with hydroponics, if you remove the roots and put in the fridge, our products will not stay as fresh like our other farm soil growers. Our plants have ideal growing conditions, so don't harden like farmer's market produce you're used to. They are best enjoyed on the counter in a vase and will stay fresh and beautiful for up to a week with water.