Raven Ridge Farm
Contact: Cassady Daley & Nathan Christianson
Address: 435 Anderson Lane Kalispell, MT, 59901
Email Address:
Phone: 406-212-3855
About Us
Raven Ridge Farm sits on 3 acres with 1.5 acres in production of diversified vegetables. The land is rich with history of producing delicious organic vegetables for over 20 years. The farm became Certified Organic in 2018 and the farmers work to maintain and improve soil health. Through crop planning/rotating, minimal tillage, and nutrient/compost amending, the vitality of the land is always a priority. Taking extra steps to practice sustainable land management adds extra steps to the farming process, but it is a priority for Raven Ridge Farm. Our goal is to work hard, grow food, and continue learning so that our community can enhance their connection with their food. We’re focused on a high quality product by putting forth a high quality effort. We take pride in what we do for our community and farm-ily.
Raven Ridge Farm is Certified Organic, practices minimal soil disturbance/tilling, amends with nutrients and compost to produce high quality, attractive, and nutrient dense food during the entire farm season. Most of the work on the farm is done by hand with only a lightweight two-wheel tractor for some bed preparation and amendment mixing.